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Welcome to the shipping of medical SupplyFree of the Southeast for most of the items and all orders > $ 25 00Order a product and get a discount of 15% on your next call to Pulse Oximeter is a device for measuring non-invasive of the percentage of oxygen saturation and pulse of arterial blood. Wrist Oximeter uses medical patients with asthma, emphysema, lung disease (COPD) chronic obstructive, chronic obstructive of the respiratory tract (COAD) and other respiratory ailments. To avoid hypoxia, drivers use Pulse Oximeter. This blood oxygen meter helps athletes, as climbers and hikers, to improve their performance. The advantages of head and other methods Pulse Oximeter are cost and speed. The most accurate way to get your SpO2 is analyzing a sample of blood and the sample in a laboratory. Oximeter takes only a few seconds for a reading to arrive. The accuracy of (usually in 1-3%) pulse oximetry is sufficient for most Siturations.  What is SpO2? What is the normal blood oxygen levels?SpO2 is synonymous with oxygen saturation of peripheral capillaries. To estimate the level of oxygen saturation.  Oxygen saturation is a term for the concentration of oxygen in the blood. It measures the percentage of the binding sites of the hemoglobin in the blood, occupied by oxygen. Normal blood oxygen is considered 100 percent to 95. Between 90 and 95 percent of the oxygen in the blood is considered to be the lowest level, but not necessarily a sign of a health problem. When the level of less than 90%, under what to hypoxemia. The causes of hypoxemia can be apnea of the dream, asthma, pulmonary infections, to confirm that the value is reliable, we recommend other action, make sure that you meet the conditions described here. If it is confirmed the low value, it is advisable to contact and questions to ask your doctor, to others to run. Less than 80 per cent of the organic functions as brain and heart of oxygen affect the blood and should be treated immediately. Arrest can lead to respiratory or heart persistently low oxygen content. Oxygen therapy can be used to increase oxygen levels in the blood. Oxygenation occurs when molecules of oxygen (O2), the type of fabric. For example, are the lungs with oxygen which are the molecules of oxygen in the air and blood. Oxygen is often used to refer to oxygen saturation. DrugTest * passed the screening test * pass a drug test * home * used test drugs drug testing * anti-doping * urine * marijuana detection test * hair drug test * urine * test for the detection of blood * drug test Kit * beat anti-doping * false positive tests * saliva drug test * pass drug test * random drug testing * drug detoxification. Related: CPAP machine used Respironics CPAP CPAP sleep apnea sleep apnea machine Respironics Respironics Remstar CPAP mask apnea mouthpiece mouthpiece CPAP ResMed CPAP mask. The median price, all listings on eBay is based on oxy sleep colombia the sales of this product in the same State. CA in the past 14 days, or if there is an insufficient number of registrations for a meaningful estimate of the last 90 days. Amounts of text in italics are approximate conversions in dollars Canadian, based on the rate of conversion of Bloomberg and the elements that appear in the currency against the dollar. Please use the most recent exchange rates of the universal currency converter. This page was last modified: 05 March 29. 29 number of bid and offer amounts may be slightly out of date. To see each listing for international shipping options and costs. .